LUKAS STUDIO Linoleum boja | 160 Black | 250ml

17. Juna 2020.

13,80 KM

Nema na zalihi



· Light fastness is dependent upon colour but varies from good to very good
· Low-odour, due to absence of solvents
· Prints come out with sharp contours, uniform and homogenous
· Inks adhere well, even to non-absorbent surfaces, such as foil
· Versatile application, for rollers, blocks, etc
· Inks give the artist time to work, staying workable on the printing table
· Dried colours can be printed over
· Tools can be easily cleaned in water, and dried inks can be washed away

A water-based mixable printers’ ink for all manual relief printing techniques, such as linoleum, fabric printing and woodcut printing.
Many materials can be used as printing blocks, including, lino, wood, cardboard, rubber, twine,
and even natural materials like leaves and potato. STUDIO LINOL water-based printer’s inks for linoleum is recommanded for the pedagogical use in schools and education.