LUKAS Berlin Water Mixable Oil Color | 627 Cobalt Violet (Hue) | 37ml

31. Decembra 2021.

7,10 KM

Na zalihi


LUKAS BERLIN contains only selected pigments of the highest possible authenticity in its class. The high concentration of pigments guarantees an excellent lightfastness and an exceptional color intensity. Modified linseed and sunflower oils in special quality are used as binders. To enable an oil color that is water mixable, without affecting its other characteristics such as drying time, lightfastness and brilliance, LUKAS has developed a special procedure of modifying oils. The water is thereby bound instead of repelled guaranteeing a virtually water-free and water-resistant (color) film structure.

LUKAS BERLIN dries completely through like a pure oil color. The surface drying time for all shades is between 5 to 7 days. LUKAS BERLIN water mixable oil colors are traditionally produced on three roll mills, like the other LUKAS artists’ oil color ranges, and contain a small proportion of beeswax, which give the buttery consistency and the typical satin sheen. Therefore LUKAS BERLIN is thus a real alternative for users with solvent allergies and for classroom environment, as well as for professional painters, as no traditional solvents are needed. Adding water is enough to dilute LUKAS BERLIN oil paints.

LUKAS BERLIN water mixable oil colors can be used for all known techniques of oil painting: «wet-on-wet» painting, glazing, working in layers etc. – there is no difference to the traditional oil color. Water mixable oil colors can also be mixed with Acrylics or Gouache colors, or even be used as color for airbrush, which can achieve interesting results. Watercolor effects are even possible when mixing with a lot of water! The application possibilities therefore go from opaque to transparent!